Strengthen Your Retail Operations with Strong Spas

Are you looking for something different in a spa line? Look no further than Strong Spas! With our patented DURA-SHIELD® hardcover, DURA-LAST® Cabinet, and DURA-BASE®, we have addressed the biggest issues spa buyers care about; easy-to-remove covers, longevity of spa exteriors, and overall ease of installation. Perhaps you’re seeing a surge in second-time buyers? – if so, these same features will really hit home!

Application for becoming a Strong Spas Dealer

Innovation that leads the Industry.

DURA-SHIELD® Hardcover

Your Customer’s Strong Spa is protected from weather extremes thanks to our unique DURA-SHIELD HardCover. A custom-built and pre-installed DURA-SHIELD HardCover is worry-free – as opposed to a third-party “off-the-rack” cover that will begin to lose effectiveness from the very first day; take on water-weight, mold and odor, and deteriorate in just 2-3 years requiring an expensive replacement cost for your customers. This is one of the many reasons why Strong Spas are now being considered the #1 choice for 2nd time and well educated spa buyers.


DURA-BASE is engineered to be stronger and more stable than any base on the market, in many cases eliminating the inconvenience and cost of a poured concrete slab which can easily exceed $1,000 in cost. A Strong spa built with DURA-BASE needs only to be placed on a solid, level, stable surface, saving your customers time, worry and money.

Strong Spas are custom-made, by local craftsmen, right here in the U.S. – a tradition you can be proud to represent and sell to your customer. If you haven’t tried Strong Spas, now is the time to learn all about what Strong Spas can do for you!